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Web3 username now!

Own a unique name
that maps to all your crypto addresses,
socials, music, essential links and more.

Resolve in your

Use the Clet browser extension to
resolve crypto wallet addresses right in your browser.

Via the extension pop-up or in-page, this powerful tool is ready to grab Clet name information.


on Twitter...

You can resolve
Clet names on Twitter...



Don't just end there.
You can do the same on Discord.


& in all your favorite apps on
iOS and Android!

Resolve wallet addresses,
links and much more
within any application
using the Clet Keyboard

extension with ENS and Unstoppable Domains!


Integrate Clet in your dApps to resolve
Clet names, ENS and Unstoppable Domains.


Get Clet name information directly from your smart contracts.


Use our HTTP REST API endpoints to get on-chain data.

Partner Integration

Earn money by allowing your users to purchase Clet names.


Calypso NFT Hub

The Clet smart contracts are deployed on the Calypso NFT Hub. Build dApps on this Skale-Chain to easily access Clet data

Zero Gas Fees

All the details you map to your Clet names on-chain are completely free!


  • Sell your names at your own price on the Clet marketplace.
  • Earn 5% on each sale via the partner program.
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